Salads Reinvented

Our Salads aren't your everyday salads. We are different to everyone else in the market. Our ingredients are super-fresh and premium quality, we believe strongly in adding incredible flavours through lots of different culinary skills.

This really elevates our salads to another level! For example, we blanch our broccoli and cauliflower, we massage our kale in olive oil, we marinate our glass noodles and quinoa and we gently pickle our vegetables. You could say we treat our ingredients like friends , giving them lots of love! Simple, honest food that's lovingly prepared using top ingredients from nature's kitchen.

We also care for the environment too, something that’s close to our heart. Where we can, we try our best to be sustainable, use locally-sourced produce if possible and our packaging is fully recyclable. We strive to keep improving these elements too – so you know that your food tastes amazing while looking after our planet. We will always continue to support the environment in any way we can and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our sustainability.